How Anyone Can Triple Their Investments In The Market With A Stocks Picker

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Despite the fact that we're experiencing a recession and slow recovery right now, this is actually a great time to start investing with so many good opportunities due to bottomed out prices. Obviously many stocks are still dropping and are a ways off from reaching their nadirs, so many traders have begun to outsource the analytical process to a stocks picker so that they can simply invest accordingly without needing the investing background of a Wall Street type, so here is what to know about the stocks picker and how so many traders are using it to identify high probability trading opportunities in today's market.

As I mentioned, we are at the turning point in this recession. What this means is that most stocks are just about bottomed out or soon to be bottomed out before they turn again. The market goes through one of these periods every 7 years or so and an electronic stocks picker program uses this to its advantage. It build a working database of past trend data to tap into and call upon when analyzing real time market data to identify similarities. This works remarkably well and professional traders have been using this technology for years, it was only until recently that it became available on a consumer based level, however.

These days, a stocks picker which focuses on penny stocks is especially ideal. Penny stocks are known, because of their cheaper prices, to be more susceptible to influence and vast, quick changes. It is very common to see a penny stock quickly double or triple in value over the course of a day or two with the right market conditions. The key is identifying and separating these stocks from the rest, so some stocks picker programs target these stocks and these stocks only to give traders a chance to double or triple their investments even if they aren't especially experienced with analyzing market data themselves.

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